Ketu, The cosmic

Ketu in Vedic Astrology
Ketu – Image of planet Ketu with a snake head, holding a mace in his right hand and embracing his wife seated on his lap with his left hand – Illustration

Ketu in Vedic Astrology

Well, Ketu in Vedic Astrology is the considered major identity in having one’s destiny. Since it is not the planets and but may have more virtual energy or hidden strength. Since it isn’t, It is considered as isolated and detach planet. This will create eclipse in everyone’s life and would isolate things from with.

We can say that Ketu is the functional planet for detachments and emptiness in one’s life. Things may be out of control in this period or you may lose things related to Ketu and the house it is in. Let me give you an example that a person having Ketu in 4th house would lose his/her mother. It might be the death of grandmother at native’s early age. I have experienced a distance-loving relationship with mother while the native has many complaints with mother and family members too.

In the same way, If Ketu gives emptiness, and then that space needs to be filled by something. isn’t it. In that loneliness or lost, the native could gain any material gains of wealth, name and fame. Remember Newton’s 3rd law states that there must be an equal and opposite reaction. If Ketu takes then that taking has to be replaced by. isn’t it?

Now, Ketu in house birth-chart (Lagna chart) is at your 11th house. This 11th house is of gains, friends, networking, sisters and older siblings, goals, hopes, dreams, aspirations, legs, ankles, calves, Kama (desire). Now it is the time what you lose, you may not have sisters, no elder ones, no desire to make friends, pain in legs (may take pain from leg at its dash if was before), and no desire to hang out with friends or girls(need to check Venus position for girl).

In Meanwhile, I have found that during Ketu Mahadasha or Subdasha, people start to research for religions philosophy, religious books, spirituality (isolation from the physical world), old religious books, Ketu depicts hand and maybe a writer, a person who does the operation and separates body in the hospital. Ketu is more related to spirituality and it seems someone is passing through loneliness as a native might want to dive to know the self. This must* or maybe the favorable time for the native to practice meditation and find a Guru to teach meditation and renounce the world.

Meanwhile, Ketu is in Rohini Star Nakshatra and the Star-lord is the moon and the house lord is Venus. This could signify not good relation with opposite sex, wife probably or would avoid marriage. Not everyone born on the same time would have this, more or less according to the degree. It is everyone or the native who is responsible to know his/ her condition of Ketu and respond to it.

Yes, Ketu could give (maybe not directly but may provide space too) gains through the books related to Ketu itself. It would create a space for money being in the house of gain. let’s simplify, Ketu would give you writing skills, and you could write as much as you can since this is the house of friends and networking, it would be the best time to meet publisher friends and make your life easy. It might give you inspiration and hopes to do more in writing things, doing research and much more in a similar field and document it in a book. Oh, Ketu is mischievous and can directly control brains, so it would increase your brains neuron activity to have more intuitive things in life in the period of Ketu Mahadasha which would be helpful to make gains.

Inheritance is not related to Ketu, but this house is directly related to 11th sign Saturn and Saturn here is in its own home. Saturn creates delays where it sits and in Ketu Mahadasha it is hard for me to tell exactly that you receive but since Ketu is in your gain house at birth time and now in 10 sign on 7th house. It is giving or taking your 7th house things like relationships, marriage or affair with girls, attachments or detachement need to be studied in details. what about last year, the Ketu was in inherited house, deaths, accidents. Any income or loose from these things. Few get gains from accidents. How? Insurance probably.

What about you? Where is Ketu in your chart?