VHMM: Vedic Horoscope Match Making

71.00$ 51.00$

Duration: 20-35 min

Vedic System can be applied and match with the beloved ones charts and discuss the probabilities related to them.

You might like to book this if you have any questions regarding love life and relationship.

Share your issues and know Vedic Methods to heal. Know current transitions (Graha Dasha) and its effects in your life. Also Understand why you are like you are now.

Change the way of your perception and way of living and seeing things differently.

In this session you will be provided approximate points out of 36 points in match. If your match (both horoscope) got more then 18 points is good for marriage, 20-25 better and 25 above Best. You will also learn challenges on both of your horoscopes.


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