Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Rahu Ketu Transit 2020-2021: Know Your Goals

Movement of shadow planet Rahu and Ketu works as ‘Karmic effect’

By Abhimat SUBEDI

Rahu and ketu Transit 2020-2021:

Shadow planet Rahu enters earth sign Taurus and Ketu enters water sign Scorpio on September 23, 2020 and Rahu Ketu change again rashi on April 12, 2022. Rahu-Ketu are two shadow planets and are considered as nodes of planet Moon and that is why they have a deep impact on our subconscious mind. Rahu-Ketu changes sign in every 18 months and naturally this coming transit becomes very important for all of us. Movement of shadow planets Rahu and Ketu works as ‘Karmic effect’ whenever they change the signs.

Rahu and Ketu are indicators of your karma in past life.  They work as the account ledger for every karmic actions done in the past. The native reaps the fruits of his or her past karma (deeds).

As per Puranas, the introduction of Rahu and Ketu goes back to soonest of times. ‘Samudra Manthan’ is viewed as one of the most significant occasions throughout the entire existence of Hindu human progress. Following which, Solar and Lunar eclipses are likewise connected with ‘Samudra Manthan’. At the point when the ocean was churned by the Asuras and Devas, ‘Amrit'(Elixir) was created. This Amrit was taken by Asuras and to acquire the Amrit, Lord Vishnu took manifestation of a beautiful women ‘Mohini’ and attempted to please and divert the Asuras. On getting the Amrit, Mohini came to Devas to disseminate it to them.

‘Svarbhanu’, one of the asuras changed his appearance to a deva to get some bit of the Amrit. In any case, Surya (Sun) and the Chandra (Moon) understood that Svarbhanu was an Asura and not one of the devas. Knowing this, Lord Vishnu cut off Svarbhanu’s head with his Sudarshan Charka.

Notwithstanding, despite the fact that his head and body got isolated, they stayed immortal. This was due to the fact they had swallowed the Elixir(Amrita). The Head is known as Rahu and the headless body is the Ketu. From that point forward Rahu and Ketu continually pursue the Sun and the Moon for retribution as they are the reason for isolating the head and body of the Asura Svarbhanu. It is a prevalent view that when they succeed getting Sun and Moon they swallow them causing Solar or Lunar eclipses yet they can’t hold them for long and Sun and Moon rise again flawless as they additionally had nectar and are undying.


Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Venus
Ruling House: Second


Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Mars
Ruling House: Eighth

Scientifically, Rahu and Ketu denote the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move around the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the North and the South Lunar nodes. Sometimes when the moon passes these nodes, it is aligned perfectly between the earth and the sun to create eclipses.

Rahu is the reason why we are alive. Rahu is the desire to get trapped in the cycle of life and death. Rahu is all the vaasanas, desires that pushes us to take a new body form again after sheding the old one. Rahu is also the illusion, indulgence, modern technology. Rahu has head, but lacks body. Therefore, the desires of Rahu is unlimited because it has mouth to eat but no stomach to stay full.

Ketu is the reason why we leave this planet. Ketu is the just the opposite of Rahu. Ketu pushes us to break the cycle of birth and death, helps us in attaining liberation. Ketu only has body but lacks head. So Ketu is desireless but very intuitive. Ketu represents isolation, spirituality, detachment.

Rahu is moving towards the earth sign Taurus and Ketu towards the water sign Scorpio. Taurus is the sign where Rahu gets exalted and Scorpio is the sign where Ketu gets exalted. So, Rahu and Ketu are moving towards the sign in which they will feel comfortable. So, a lot of positives can be expected from this transit.

Below is the report prediction for every ascendant sign, Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Aries/ Mesh Ascendant

This Rahu and ketu Transit 2020-2021 in Mesha (Aries):

This will be an exceptionally colossal transit for you in your profession as Rahu is going to impact your 2,6 and tenth house in an extremely huge manner.

For these year and a half, you will be taking a gander at your profession and that will make you a compulsive worker. Some of you may have just begun feeling the warmth. Your career related changes occur when the 2/6/10 houses are initiated. There are enormous possibilities for more cash and more obligations at work. Some of you may get a pay climb, just as greater position. Rahu will impact your money and finance, however that can be marginally testing as Ketu is traveling the eighth place of accounts.

There are chances for major budgetary exchanges, yet try not to be in a scurry, particularly when Jupiter is retrograding. Keep in mind, none of the travels can work alone, so you should realize that the marker for funds, Jupiter will be in a crippled mode for from November 2021 to November 22. This can be a monetarily testing period for the whole world. You will have the option to deal with your work environment issues and adversaries as well.

The perspective in the tenth house demonstrates you will be boldly attempting to set up grinding away. There will be more spotlight on your wellbeing. In any case, family life can be marginally dull because of the part of Ketu. You should deal with your older relatives as they will have a great deal of concerns. There will be some development or construction work at home too.

All through this travel, you will have enthusiastic pressure and it is very characteristic. Take up certain cures like contemplation, serving seniors, meditation, and noble cause.

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Brish Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021
This is an essential travel for you as Rahu will be appropriately on your first house of the self , wellbeing, riches, and assurance. This transit will get a great deal of changes as long as you can remember.

Your life is about your fantasies, wants, trusts, wellbeing, riches, picture, and connections. There will be serious changes in your own life as well. You will become self-fixated and there is nothing amiss with resembling that on occasion. Life isn’t generally about giving others uninhibitedly. On occasion, you can show others what your guidelines and desires are. In any case, Rahu will perspective the fifth place of kids and past birth credits and that can be a difficult time. You should be cautious with your capacity and position.

At whatever point the fifth house is actuated, there will be a destruction coming up. Kids and youths in the family will have all the more needs. Rahu will viewpoint the connections and that can acquire some detachment it. It tends to be close to home or expert connections. There will be visit contentions and rebuilding in the current understandings.

You will get more contacts, however you should confide in anybody aimlessly, particularly when you met them just because. There will be unfamiliar coordinated efforts just as long excursions. Tasks from media and mass interchanges can likewise come up. You will make new systems for your endeavours.

Nonetheless, there will be a few issues in group settings also. Ketu in 7th will keep you isolated and detached from the social structure. This is the time to go within the self.

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Gemini Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

For the following year and a half, Rahu will trigger your intense subject matters. This is anything but a truly great travel as Rahu can make you negative and forceful. You will want to be in a fantasy world than the real world. That can burn through a great deal of time, so you must be highly engaged.

You should accept counsel from your seniors as there can be an absence of systematic force. On the off chance that you have any legitimate issues, at that point it can surface during this stage. Kindly don’t get into any off-base companion circle.

During this travel, you will have an enthusiasm for profound issues, yet please cross the otherworldly gatherings which you are in. Your wellbeing and joy should experience complexities all through this travel, yet you will have the steadiness to get over all the difficulties. Your family life likewise will be exceptionally astounding, there can be occasions like land bargains, family gatherings, and capacities as well. This travel likewise can make the life of your old figures very occurring.

At work, you will have complex activities and that can cause contentions. At whatever point Rahu travels this house, you will have contentions and awful mentality with your partners. You will have changes at fill in as Ketu is reviewing the second place of profession, and accounts.

There will be a few dangers joined to my profession. Other than that there will be some money related exchanges, which may not be consistently in support of yourself.

Thus, you must be cautious with each penny you spend.

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Karkat Rashi Cancer Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Rahu will amplify your group relations for the following year and a half. This travel will bring gains from your drawn out objectives. Rahu will make you work in an innovation related space also.

There will be visit correspondence with individuals from unfamiliar terrains. Tasks from the foundation and recuperating area likewise will come up. For the following year and a half, you will make a great deal of plans with respect to your drawn out close to home and expert plans and execute them. You will join another group and collaboration will be extremely noticeable during nowadays. Long and short outings will be coming up. Career related investigations, and undertakings from mass interchanges are additionally conceivable. During this stage, you can have issues with your kin, family members, or neighbors.

There will be separation from them for different issues. Inventive activities can come up during this stage. The life of your kids and youthful individuals from the family will be exceptionally exciting. Notwithstanding, you ought to be cautious with all the new pursuits.

You should make a benefit misfortune examination and that will assist you with arranging admirably. Else, you should leave a portion of those activities in the middle. This travel can give you a great deal of companions and colleagues, yet this travel can likewise impede your sentimental connections.

There will be a few concerns with respect to your adoration life and you may feel pulled in to numerous individuals. There will be a great deal of performing various tasks during this stage and you will even beginning your own endeavors.

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Simha Leo Rashi

Leo Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

This Rahu transit in 2020 will bring immense focus on your career and social image.

Your career is ruled by the earth sign of Taurus and that will make Rahu very stubborn about career progress. According to modern astrology research, Rahu gets exalted in the sign of Taurus and it will become very aggressive at the 10th house. You will have multiple opportunities to get career progress. However, you need to be very careful about that. At times, you can be aggressive and that may not go well with your superiors.

There will be additional responsibilities at work. Your family matters also will get highlighted during this phase. Real estate deals, relocation, addition in the family, family functions and so many things can happen. However, relationships with elders and female figures in the family can suffer. Your finances also will go through a major transformation. This is a phase where you get money and spend money. Sudden expenses will come up and you can get stressed out. Loans and lending can come up, but you need to be very careful.

Your health also will be very important. You will need a good diet and medication. The lower abdominal area will be highly triggered. Whenever this area is triggered, there will be some issues like diabetes, constipation, and other lifestyle diseases. So, you need to be very careful. You will have emotional concerns due to the aspect of Ketu, so you will have to take up a lot of energy from the superior force.

This will make your life more into a spiritual note. There will be some new financial plans but stay away from any kind of instant money-making plan.

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Kanya Virgo RashiVirgo Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

Rahu will transit through the ninth place of higher investigations, vision, and theory. The transit of Rahu through this house can’t be viewed as great, yet at the same time, you can expect some great outcomes as Rahu is magnified here. The following year and a half are significant for you with respect to unfamiliar travel and joint efforts. You will have a few issues with your distributors or creators. There will be a few issues with your specialists as well. Along these lines, don’t get into any legitimate problems. In these year and a half, you will get different chances to venture out to an unfamiliar land or significant distance travel as well. You will resemble a revolutionary all through this travel as well. There will be a ton of exertion and difficult work from you. That will give you enough outcomes also. You will have more communications with your kin and neighbors as well. There will be some innovative projects and exercises. You will get a few chances to join another group and accordingly get a few benefits also. There will be a ton of exploration and studies with respect to your drawn out tasks. This is a decent an ideal opportunity to work with noble cause adventures too. Rahu’s angle will be in close to home life, thus, this is the ideal opportunity for extension. You will normally turn out to be exceptionally forceful and that can carry issues with your loved ones. New individuals can come up to you face to face just as expert life. In any case, don’t invest an excessive amount of energy and cash in theoretical endeavors.

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Rahu and Ketu Transit in Venus in 2020-20

Libra Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

This transit will welcome a great deal of spotlight on your passionate self and funds. You will be compelled to do a ton of conversations with respect to budgetary issues and that won’t be exceptionally simple. Along these lines, you should be extremely cautious.

Attempt to be stopped of your cost as unexpected costs can come up whenever. That doesn’t mean you will be battling all through this travel. There will be ideal additions, however stress with respect to the funds will be the significant point. You will investigate the advances, duties, and protection. There will be issues identified with reimbursement too. This is likewise not an incredible opportunity to join new monetary plans or organization adventures.

Your inlaws will have huge changes throughout their life as well. Because of these issues, you may have enthusiastic issues as well. Along these lines, avoid a wide range of outrages and cash chain organizations. That will place you into inconvenience. At work, you will have issues with respect to your capacity and authority. The individuals who work with their own endeavors ought not take any rushed choices as well.

Family matters likewise will be significant. There will be conversations with respect to family resources. Movement, land arrangements, and family gatherings are likewise conceivable You need to give more help to your old relatives. 

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Rahu and Ketu Transit in Brishchik in 2020-2021

Scorpio Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

The travel of Rahu through the indication of Taurus will trigger your own and expert relationship. This is a touchy stage for your connections since Rahu will make you so sharp about your connections. It tends to be close to home or expert connections. You need an ever increasing number of individuals throughout your life and now and again, it tends to be risky as well. Kindly ensure it isn’t influencing your current accomplices. If you don’t mind control your online media exercises as the seventh house likewise shows open foes. There will be long excursions and incessant gatherings. You will get new offers and business offers as well. In any case, by the day’s end, you will have unusual sentiments like being separated from everyone else. There are chances for issues in conjugal life because of your bustling timetable. You will attempt to begin new pursuits and that can hamper your private life. There will be a great deal of gatherings and thought trade. That can give you wellbeing related worries also. This is a stage for voyaging and meeting individuals from unfamiliar grounds. There will be a ton of business related to correspondences. This is likewise a stage to join new gatherings. You will be working for some foundation occasions as well. This is a generally excellent stage to draw a few designs for your drawn out undertakings. Your innovative energies will get great chances and you should utilize them admirably. Adolescents in your family will be all the more requesting and you should invest more energy with them. Pregnant ladies must be cautious about their wellbeing.

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Sagittarius Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

During this transit, Rahu will be influencing your workplace and health. The placement of Rahu will make you very obsessive regarding your job. You will somehow try to establish yourself, but remember, don’t use any short cuts.

Rahu will force you to try short cuts, but if you do so, then there will be a lot of long term hardships. You will have a lot of short projects and they can be very complex as well. Competitive events will come up and at work; there will be a lot of competition. You will at times have arguments with your colleagues. There will be a lot of rebellious moves, but remember, this is not the time to take any risk regarding your job. You will be very obsessive about your ego and reputation.

However, you will have some financial issues as both Rahu and Ketu will be influencing your finances. There will be lending and borrowing, but don’t do it extensively. Your mental and physical health will be very prominent. You need a lot of good sleep and a good diet. Please control the sugar cravings as when the 6th house is activated, then you will be prone to lifestyle diseases. There will be a lot of temptation to have more food, but you need to control it.

You should not get into any instant money-making deals as well. Throughout the transit, you have to control your ego, otherwise, it can harm your public image.

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Capricorn Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

This is a critical transit for you as Rahu will travel through the fifth place of innovativeness, youngsters, and theoretical endeavors. Keep in mind, the fifth house is additionally the place of defeats. Along these lines, there is a hazard consistently connected when your fifth house is actuated.

In this way, you must be extremely cautious, particularly with your endeavors. Your inventiveness will come out and you will get numerous chances to flaunt your aptitudes. Each one of those occasions won’t be giving you acceptable data sources. Use them shrewdly and avoid unsafe organizations. You should be cautious with your adoration life too.

There are certain odds for contentions and you or your mate can be forceful. Ladies must be cautious with respect to their upper stomach territory. In the event that you as of now have any uterus issues, at that point there will be a few difficulties with respect to these issues. There will be some higher examinations or ability improvement programs. Unfamiliar voyages and coordinated efforts are additionally conceivable.

This likewise an extraordinary stage to compose and distribute your articles. You will have some drawn out tasks and group gatherings. This is additionally a decent stage to join new groups and a few increases from long haul ventures. You will be keen on noble cause programs as well. There will be a great deal of work utilizing your specialized abilities.

Be that as it may, consistently, you will be an exceptionally changed individual. That doesn’t mean you will be quiet or humble. You will be forceful as well.

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Aquarius Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

This transit will impact your family matters and career. Rahu is commended in the indication of Taurus, along these lines, you can expect great outcomes as well. There will be a great deal of unfamiliar excursions too. At home, you will attempt to do some land bargains. They can be perplexing, so don’t simply bounce into any sort of business manages your landed property. Regardless of whether you need to do some of such arrangements, at that point you should cross-check all the conceivable outcomes.

You will intend to change your home’s physical condition as well. There will be something like mess clearing and fixing. During this stage, there will be some family capacities and you will meet with your relatives. In any case, these occasions may draw out certain complexities. Avoid despondent talks as it can demolish your tranquility and joy. Older female figures may require more consideration and they will have some worry for you. Thus, this travel isn’t in a protected mode, particularly with respect to the accounts. Thus, you have to remove your costs. Something else, the entire month is going to give you trouble.

Numerous costs will be coming up and that may influence your arrangements. This isn’t the month to spend, rather, you have to spare along these lines, and that you can be quiet. For the significant piece of the travel, monetary issues can be a test. You will attempt to put some new strides to resuscitate your career.

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Pisces Ascendant

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2020-2021

During this Rahu transit, you will be engaged to improve your endeavors. This will be giving you numerous chances to work in gatherings. Different activities from correspondence related spaces likewise can come up. You will be a rubberneck as you have short outings too. Family occasions and being with kin and little networks can likewise come up. There will be some perplexing undertakings and you should be cautious grinding away. The greater part of them can be exceptionally short, however you should make a few redresses.

Avoid complex conversations at work. Your interchanges additionally can cause contentions in the groups. In this way, you ought to listen more and talk less. The segment for correspondence and media will get profoundly actuated, along these lines, you can normally anticipate a great deal of center at your correspondence. The majority of the tasks can be identified with correspondence.

Educators, guides, media men, scholars, and deals and showcasing individuals will have a ton of work. Be that as it may, there will be a few complexities emerging and it can prompt disarray.

Thus, you have to cross-check everything before the last accommodation. There can be a few gratings in the connections. Along these lines, don’t compel your accomplice to follow your strides. Give them enough space to settle on a choice. Nonetheless, you should cross-check all your new business bargains. This is a decent ideal opportunity to deal with existing arrangements than searching for another one.

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In a nutshell, the transit of Rahu and Ketu in their comfortable signs will bring a lot of positivity in the period of this unfortunate pandemic.

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