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Things to Remember

Element- Earth | Gender- Male | Ruler- Venus

People born on Libra sign are more focused on beauty and relationships and sex.

Brish or Taurus represents the second house of horoscope. It is more concern with wealth and family. It is ruled by very sensual, the lovable planet Venus. These people have or love beautiful physics or pretend to be smart in their personality and lifestyle. They attract opposite sex quickly. They can play or act any role depending on their moods to respect their creativity. They can create engaging environment in friends circle and in community. They poses a great sense of humour.


Above all, Taurus represents the ancient knowledge it is also connected to our myths as Sukhraacharya, a great Hindu saint of the historical era of gods.


And people ruled by Taurus are a most desirable people because they like to be noticed and becomes a good trader with respect to wealth and family compared to the people born on Libra sign are more focused on beauty, relationships and sex. Both Taurus and Libra is ruled by planet Venus (Shukra). And, Sukracharya was Acharya, the guru of Demon, but was loyal to Lord Shiva. It is believed that he was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Shiva, let's say he was his own part acting as a negative role. He has the great mystical power equal to highly intellectual gods in those days. Or say He was pioneering the Asura's to get knowledge and power by worshiping Lord Shiva and other holy gods and to use this power to expand the Asuras.

Taurus and Business

Inspite of all these Sukracharya was the brilliant trader between gods and Demon. He use to teach many ideas to his disciples to get somethings out of god, like the businessman. This led every Asuras to think that we have to get all the things we desire by trading or even fighting with every one.

Secret of Tarus

In Addition, they are hard working then Libra with the same aspect of planet Venus. That is the reason why they are more of wealth and family. They will be more friends and create a romantic environment within a second. Their sense of humor is high in terms of food and family and speech and communication. Since they are more related to the financial state of horoscope, they are good stockholder, real estate, assets manager. Education: They are be highly educated or talented, gains respect from friends and government.

Strengths of Taurus

Taurus represents the second house which is the house of speech too. So , they can master the art of speaking to the public. They are the best Spokesperson any organisation would want. They also poses inbuilt sense of humour device in them. The voice and their words itself provides engagement and laughter. Other strengths: Mentors, Teacher, Coach, Standup comedian, Guide, Fashion designer, Glamour industry, The Leader, Yoga Teacher, Creative, Designer, illustrator, Artist. 

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